About us
Who are we?
About us:

We are a married couple in the sixties, we live on a farm at an island called Lolland in Denmark. The miniature horse has become an important part of our life. We run a stud farm along with our daughter Jeannie. She has her daily  work on the studfarm training the horses and she is the one showing them around Europe.

We have also made shows for an audience, agility, driving carts ect, plus been in TV-productions with our minies. But our main goal is breeding a refined, well-balanced miniature horse.

The beginning:

It al started with 1 horse just as company in 1997. But it quickly went from hobby to serious breeding. In the year 2000 we got mini stallion of the year and mini mare of the year trophy in the Danish Miniature Horse Association. This really started our interest in getting better and brought us till where we are today.


There was and still are a limited amount of miniature horses in Denmark, so we looked towards Europe. We visited Dutch and Belgish breeders and started importing from these countries. They had a longer period of registry these miniatures. We had great success with our imported horses, they all became 1st place winners in shows in Denmark, they bred pretty refined babies. 

We knew that if we wanted to come a step closer to what we wanted to bred towards, USA was the next place to visit. They had bred the miniature horse in more than 60 years and we could see, they really got a long way towards what a miniature horse should look like.

In August 2004 we went to Delaware in USA. It resulted in us importing 8 miniature horses and 3 foals from that group came in the spring. We took a big step by buying a young very pretty young stallion to be our new stud RFM Scouts Zodiac, we felt he had a lot to give to the European miniature industry and he has not letting us down.

In 2005 we did it again, this time to Texas where you can find the largest numbers of minies and we also saw the AMHA World Show as well. 8 new horses came with us home and the privilege of a wonderful friendship with some Texan people. We visit again in 2007 and 6 new horses  arrive December 2007. Now we have what we need to make the best of breeding.

Daily life:

Al our horses gets vaccinated, chipped, de-wormed and given good nutrition. Each horse is taken care of with each individual needs. We provide good harmony in our stall, both foals, juniors, mares and stallions can live side by side. Our stallions walks in stud with the mares during summertime, it makes a more balanced stallion and better results. 

Our goal:

We have come far towards our goal, we are among the largest and most serious stud farms of miniature horses in Europe. We breed under 3 studbooks; EAMH - European/Ameriacan miniature horses, BMP - Belgish Miniature Horse Association, AMHA - American Miniature Horse Association.  For us its not just about breeding small horses, but to breed healthy, balanced, beautiful and  for us the most important refined miniature horses. We will continue keep up with the development international and continue being among the stud farms that sets its mark on the future miniature horse.

Ib and Henriette Kristensen

Henriette og Ib Kristensen
Daughter and trainer: Jeannie Andresen