Gallehøjgård Miniature Heste
Cart driving
11th December 2011 GMH was invited to a local Chrismas walk through Stokkemarke City. We was walking in the very end of this parade, small legs don´t walk as fast as the bigger horses. It was very fun to be a part of. Norbert pulled our cart as a reindeer, Florida and Snowdancer was little alfs and at last we had to angles it was Starbrite and "Moonshine".
Foto af  Lønning Christoffersen

Sometimes is nice just doing something for yourself. At this picture my grandchild Naja is being brought home from school in a princess cart at her 7 year birthday.
In 2003 we took the children for a cart ride at a local Christmas event. It was nice to show that you can also do something with the tiny horses as you do with the big horses.
Foto af: Lønning Christoffersen