Gallehøjgård Miniature Heste
Gallehøjgårds Norbert
Norbert was the very first stallion we got. In the year 2000 he got breeding approval. This started our interest in this small horses. Norbert has been a fantastic horse and given us so many good moments. 

But times goes fast and we started importing more refined stallions to Denmark and that ended Norbert career as stallion. We chose to geld him and give him a good life as gelding at our stud farm. My grandchild was riding him a bit when she was little, later on he pulled a cart.

Norbert is a horse with iron nerves this has made him to be our driving instructor when other horses are in training for cart and also first price taker in agility shows. When Norbert want to show off we set fire on his jumps and he dosent even blink an eye. He is always the horse we take when we are going to driving events in town and he is the horse the children wants when is  show time for children classes. In 2011 Norbert really had his day, he was in 3 children classes with Morten, handling, jumping and agility and then he was in costume jumping for adults. We love you Norbert even though you are to close to the ground with that big belly and cant compete with the refine American miniatures in beauty classes.
10th June 1996
Goliath Van Het Blauwe Meer
Wieneke Van Ons Genoegen
Show results:
2000 - DMHF Stallion of the year
2002 - Østdansk show 2nd place mini stallions
2003 - DMHF stallion of the year
2003 - Euroshow 1st place mini stallions
2003 - Euroshow 1st place driving class
2003 - Euroshow 1st place agility
2005 - Euroshow 1st place driving class
2005 - Euroshow 1st place agility
2011 EAMH show 3rd place children handling
2011 EAMH show 2nd place children jumping
2012 EAMH show 3rd place children jumping
2012 EAMH show 1st place agility
Naja has birthday and gets pick up at school by Norbert and Apache.